Monday, September 8, 2008

The Weekly Shuffle: Week 5

I guess I sort of forgot to do TWS this weekend, and I'm sorry. Maybe I'll do it a day earlier than usual this week, to make up for it. I know these are some of my most successful posts, and always hear about how much you all love them, so once again, I apologize.
A lot of people have been asking me what I would do if I came across a song that I've already played. Well, I would count it towards the total number of songs played, but I wouldn't write about it again (unless I had something to say), and would do one extra song that week to make up for it. So it would happen and be recorded, but not counted against the weekly total. Get it?
As usual, here is my page, and here are the previous weeks:
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Song #21: "Exodus Damage (live)" by John Vanderslice, when he performed at the Independent in San Fransisco on November 5, 2005
This is an old bootlegged track I downloaded back when I was obsessed with John Vanderslice. Eagle-eyed readers will remember that John was the dude I interviewed a few years ago for the school paper. Apparently, he was in Phoenix about two weeks after I talked to him, and dedicated a song to me, saying "Ty, the kid who interviewed me" or something like that. I didn't go, because I was grounded at the time, but I saw it on YouTube after he told me about it. Awesome.
He's really good live. And this is one of my favorites by him. He apparently released a new record not too long ago, and for some reason I haven't downloaded it yet. Maybe I should get on that. This song is dragging on. I don't remember the album version being this long. Weird.
Oh, and many of you may recognize this song as the song that was played incessantly in Starbucks around the nation in mid-'05. Ha!
Rating: 8/10

Song #22: "Haunt While I Sleep" by Right Away, Great Captain!, off of their/his album The Bitter End
This is Andy Hull's side project. Some of you will know Andy as the lead singer of Manchester Orchestra, a decent band that plays pretty good music. Well, I downloaded this assuming it would be like MO, but it's really boring and quiet. This song is a prime example of that. It reminds me of Iron and Wine. I just can't get into this sort of music. You know, the type that has a bearded fellow with a good voice playing a guitar quietly.
I don't know why I can't get into it, but I think it's the beards.
Rating: 3/10

Song #23: "Seven Stop Hold Restart" by Bear Vs. Shark, off of their album Terrorhawk
I can honestly say that this is one of those albums that I downloaded and forgot about. I think I may have listened to two or three songs from it, but as a whole, it has gone completely unlistened.
They aren't terrible. I understand what the hype surrounding them is about. They sound like a sort of gnarly, punk-ish band. A bit too much screaming for my tastes, but alright nonetheless. I wouldn't buy the album or see them live, but I don't regret downloading it (assuming the rest of the album sounds similar).
Rating: 5/10

Song #24: "Purity" by Slipknot, off of their self-titled album
Damn, Slipknot is terrible. And to think, I was starting to think I wasn't having a terrible week.
Did you know that Corey Taylor (the lead "singer") is a die-hard Christian? I think that's sort of interesting, considering their band's masks have a lot of Satanist symbology.
Speaking of, can anyone take this band seriously?: I can hardly listen to this. I hate it when bands go from yelling and screaming to melodic singing. It's like they can't choose which type of band they want to be. Bipolar metal! Just what we need.
He's now yelling "PUR-I-TAY." Damn, Slipknot is terrible.
Rating: 1/10

Song #25: "Two of a Kind, Workin' on a Full House" by Garth Brooks off of his album No Fences
If I had to pick a musical artist to represent my childhood, it would be Garth Brooks. That man can entertain like no other. Okay, so maybe Michael Jackson is a better entertainer, along with Prince, but you know what I mean.
This is classic Garth. He has a good voice. And I don't mind this song. It isn't bad. Like I said, it reminds me of my childhood.
Rating: 6/10

This week's rating: 4.8/10

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