Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kidrobot now making movies?

Well, for the second time today I'm presented with something that I can completely nerd out on. Apparently Nickelodeon approached Kidrobot president Paul Budnitz with an idea to start a live action/animated hybrid TV show and movies movies based on his products. Reports Cinematical:

Paramount family division Nickelodeon Movies is set to make feature films based on the cute and highly collectible toys manufactured by Kidrobot, according to Variety. The homogeneously shaped yet heterogeneously decorated toys, which are smooth, cartoon-like action figures adorned with limited-edition designs created by well-known international artists, are to star in a series of films mixing animation and live-action.
To be honest, I have mixed opinions about this. Yes, I want Paul (and KR as a whole) to be successful. Yes, this will help both go down that road. But I hate to see a fantastic company like this be popularized through mass media. It loses that "special" feeling every time I go on their site. I don't know, maybe I'm just selfish. I think so, yeah.
At least this proves that Paul wasn't kidding in my interview. Read the last line.

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