Friday, August 8, 2008

The Weekly Shuffle: Week 1

I have a lot of music on my computer. Starting with A.F.I. and ending with ZZ Top, I have 13,017 songs. Or 59.92 GB. Or 35.8 days. I'd say around 60% of it is mine. The other 40% is my parents'. I'd say I've listened to maybe 50% of the music on here. So I got an idea. I figured I'd start a weekly post (every Friday) where I'd put my iTunes on shuffle, and write about the first five songs that pop up. No matter what. No skipping, no cheating; just five songs. Every week. Sure, there is a lot of music I love on here. But there is also a lot of music I've never heard, as well as hate. And it isn't only music, either. I have audiobooks, comedy, and other fun things on here too. It's a gamble. So, ladies and germs, I present to you:

Song #1: "Worthy to Stay" by Nickelback off of their album The State
I hate this idea already. Fuck the weekly shuffle. But seriously, if there is a God, he hates me. Nickelback is my least favorite band of all time, and it just so happens that they would be the first song I hear as a part of this project.
This song actually starts out pretty cool though. I'm pretty sure this is old Nickelback, which isn't NEARLY as bad as newer Nickelback. Yep, Wikipedia tells me that this album was released in 2000. I like the drums in this song, and it takes a lot for me to admit that. Why does the lead singer (Chad-something)'s voice suck so bad? It's like you took a generic rock band, and had their lead singer gargle shards of glass mixed with lemon juice. Ugh. It's over, finally.
Rating: 1/10

Song #2: "Umm, Helllllo?" by Dane Cook off his album Harmful if Swallowed
Yep, God hates me. I went through a Dane Cook phase just like 99% of all male teenagers, before getting really into comedy and realizing that he's probably the most unfunny comedian in the world. Well, maybe not in the world, but he's definitely up there in my book. He doesn't tell funny jokes, easy as that. Sure, his voice sounds funny, but that's about it.
I despise this joke. He's just not that great. I mean, he repeats himself 57 times, telling the same line over and over in different voices and tones. It's ridiculous. And yes, this song sparked the tred of "Monkey fucking a coconut," another unfunny Cook-ism.
Rating: 2/10

Song #3: "Stop!" by the Bens off of their self-titled EP
Finally, a decent song. This is my least favorite song off of the four-song EP this band released, but it's better than Cookleback.
This band is comprised of three famous Bens: Folds, Kweller, and Lee. It's definitely an interesting EP, and I reccomend buying/downloading it if you like any of the three.
This song doesn't really sound like a Folds or Lee song, but a Kweller song. If it were on his album, I wouldn't be able to tell you the other two even contributed. He does all of the vocals, and the music sounds like it was written by him too. It isn't a terrible song though.
Rating: 6/10

Song #4: "Fake Tales of San Fransisco (live)" by the Arctic Monkeys, off of the bootlegged album AM Bristol NME BBC Radio
I love how lead singer Alex Turner starts this song off. He says "Well, your heroes aren't what they seem when you've been where we've been." Great quote, really.
This is a great bootleg of a great song by a great band at a great concert. I've seen them live once before, and I don't hesitate to say that they are one of the best bands I've ever seen live. Go see them if you get the chance. Or at the very least, download a live bootleg.
Rating: 7/10

Song #5: "Las Palabras De Amor" by Queen off of disc 3 of their Greatest Hits album.
Queen is my favorite pre-1990 band, and I've never heard of (much less listened to) this song before. It starts out pretty interestingly though. Cool synth/keyboard/whatever effects, definitely. Freddie's voice is as tender as ever, especially when he sings the chorus. This isn't one of their best songs, but it isn't terrible. I wouldn't put it on my iPod. It's too boring for me.
Rating: 5/10

Overall, this wasn't a very good first week. Sure, two of my favorite bands made appearances, but still. The following is the average of all five scores.
Weekly average: 4.2/10

From now on, I'll be doing this every single Friday (unless otherwise noted). I wish I could put together a downloadable package each week with all five songs on it, but that's a tad too illegal for me. I don't know, I suppose I'll think about it.

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