Sunday, September 14, 2008

State of the blog: September 14, 2008

This will be my only update for today, most likely. I'm hanging out with Jarrod later, so I doubt I'll have anything to write about. We'll see.

One of my projects, BookChain, has updated. It's the first official person that recieved the book. Exciting, I know. Check it out.

I'll be updating Quincy in a few days. It's taking me a lot longer than expected to get my "pitch" together, so chill.

IndieKit was deleted, I guess. I didn't get any memo about it, but the URL no longer works. Oh well, I hardly wrote anything on it anyways. I am kinda pissed that I don't have the two or three things I DID write saved to my computer though. Fuck.

Remember a few weeks ago, when Anna wrote about the album Alopecia by WHY? Well, I've been listening to that nonstop, and second her reccomendation. So check it out, okay?

I have a few things planned out for the next week, but I can always use more ideas. That's why I added the nifty chat box to the sidebar. You can talk to me and apparently Nello too. Oh, and Nello tells everyone: "Don't buy Rockband 2." Thanks for the insight, Nello.

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