Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mozzarella Stick & Marinara-flavored Pringles

A few months/weeks ago, Pringles released a series of chips called "Restaurant Cravers." Each flavor in the series is supposed to taste like something off of a menu at an average restaraunt. The flavors are:
-Mozzarella Stick & Marinara
-Cheesy Fries
-Mexican Layered Dip
-Slow-Cooked BBQ
-Onion Blossom
For the sake of not being completely grossed out by a potato chip, I chose the Mozzarella Stick & Marinara one to review. The full-sized cans were only $1 at Wal-Mart, so I'm assuming these flavors didn't really go over all that well with the general public. Things like this rarely do, unless you are in Japan.
It looks like a normal Pringle with a hint of red. From the second you open the can until the second you close it, all you smell is the "marinara" half of the flavoring.
I have to admit, the first chip tasted like shit. The marinara totally overpowered the "mozzarella," to the point of being disgusting. But after two or three more chips, it actually didn't taste that terrible. Suprisingly, I ate about half of the can before getting grossed out by myself and not wanting to touch them ever again.
The aftertaste is terrible; it felt like I had just inhaled an iron-coated tomato. Horrid.
I don't think I'd buy them again, unless I was craving something incredibly bizarre.


Alex F. said...

The Mexican Layer Dip ones are actually pretty tasty... at least, I liked them...

Geo said...

I tried the Onion Blossom one. Tastes like onion and horseradish. It's pretty good, but the flavor is so mild you kinda forget what it is after a few.

Anonymous said...

I like the Mexican Layered Dip more than any of the other flavors I've tried. Dipping it in Sour Cream makes it so much better.

I didn't care for the Onion flavored or the Mozzarella Stick. I haven't tried the others yet, but I've already purchased a second can of the Mexican Layered Dip!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i just discovered these pringles last night and HAD to buy the mozzarella stick flavor since those are one of my favorite foods and i think they're amazing! next on the list has gotta be mexican layered dip... another favorite of mine