Monday, September 29, 2008

Why I hate mainstream music part 2 of 3: Country

The country part of this terrible trio is the song "Bob That Head" by Rascal Flatts:

Part of the lyrics are as follows:

Bob that head
Every Friday night
Got the windows rolled down
The seat reclined
Givin' everybody that rock on sign
Yeah, turn it up to ten
Hey, y'all join in
Bob that head
Come on, bob that head
Bob that head

Hot girl wants a ride
Climbs up inside
Feelin' that rhythmn
Right along with him
Now he's cruisin'
Don't want to lose it
Loop around Sonic
And right back on it
Low gear, drive by
Up and down
That's right
Yes, seriously. I bolded my favorite line, in which the lead singer says that the person is "Givin' everybody that rock on sign." This chorus is quite possibly the worst excuse for lyrics that I have ever encountered. "Rock on sign?" Could he not incorporate the words "Devil horns" into the song, or would that be too offensive? We wouldn't want people thinking Rascal Flatts is associated with the dark arts. I mean, they already look really sketchy as it is:Blue plaid?! He may as well have tattooed a pentagram on his forehead. Devil-worshippers have no place in country music.
But lyrics and appearances aside, it saddens me slightly that this is considered country music. Whatever happened to Johnny Cash and Hank Williams Jr?

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