Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yoda: WTF?!

If you happen to be aquainted with me in person, you know that I am a pretty big Star Wars fan. I own the original trilogy on DVD and VHS (the VHS version being superior, because that was before George tinkered with it), have several million toys, and a few books.
Well, something has been bothering me about the timeline. Everyone knows that in the original trilogy, Yoda is in exhile on the planet Dagobah. We later find out that this is his self-punishment for letting the Jedi order down in Episode III. There is a 23-year gap between Episodes III and V. At the end of Episode III, Yoda is 877 years old. Considering the average age for his species is said to be "hundreds of years," I'm imagining he's probably akin to what humans would consider to be a senior citizen. We see in this film that Yoda must use a cane, but can still do backflips, spin around, use his lightsaber, and otherwise be active when needed. Given that he is a Jedi, this isn't that shocking.
But my problem lies within the aforementioned 23-year gap. In Episode V, Yoda is hardly the Jedi master he was nearly a quarter of a decade earlier. Assuming (bear with me here) that Yoda's species lives to about 1,000 years old, 23 years would be the human equivalent of about 3-4 years of aging.
So wait, after aging that little, he can be changed that much? 23 years should be a drop in the bucket for him. He should not have changed in mannerisms as drastically as he did.
And this is exactly why I hate the Star Wars prequels. Sure, it was neat to see Yoda fight like a badass. But at the same time, they raised some serious questions as to why he didn't act this way in the original series. Sure, he lifted an X-Wing out of the swamp, but you could tell that he was struggling. I just don't get it, George.
It should also be noted that there is a huge inconsistency in one of the books, where Luke says that Yoda has been on Dagobah for "one hundred years or more." It was clearly published before the prequels.


Sean said...

Ty, even with the equivalent of 3-4 human years, it's still viable.

I've seen someone at 77 be in a lot better shape than now, at 81.
Just saying.

T. Walters said...

I know, but he shouldn't have deteriorated THAT much.

I'm sure if you asked George, he'd say that time goes faster on Dagobah, or some bullshit like that.

Carlton said...

Add also the years of inactivity or practice in Jedi Arts. When he was at the heart of the Jedi council he was a teach, and a warrior. On Dagobah he was reduced to meditation and sweeping his 2x5x7 foot house.