Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oklahoma's state song?

Widely known as Texas' hat, Oklahoma is making headlines (for once) by having people vote for its state song online. Not surprisingly, 8/10 songs are shitty oldies; the other two very surprisingly being by the All-American Rejects and The Flaming Lips. Apparently Oklahoma's state board had nothing better to do, so they decided to offer this strange chance to the public. I wish other states would do this. I would love to see Illinois' and Michigan's state songs be by Sufjan Stevens.
Click here to go vote. I voted for The Flaming Lips, because it would be an awesome P.R. move for...Oklahoma to do such a thing. Yes, I did just imply that The Flaming Lips are more famous than Oklahoma. Suck it, deeply forested areas.

I'll keep you all updated on which song wins.


D. Ford said...

I agree with you on the Sufjan bit. But AAR and the Flaming Lips? C'mon, Oklahoma, you can do better than that...

T. Walters said...

The Flaming Lips are good, but AAR sucks, for the most part.

I do give them props for at least attempting to connect with the "young crowd."