Thursday, September 4, 2008

State of the blog: September 4, 2008

I know, I know, I just posted one of these two days ago. But there is news to report, and I don't feel like editing the other one.

I posted on IndieKit. This one is about how Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince are all 50 years old now. A blog titled Hypeful has 50 cover songs originally done by each artist to download, and it's pretty awesome. Check it out, y'hear?

I've decided to revive my BookChain blog. The premise is this:

Basically, my friend told me that she is part of a book chain, where someone buys a book, reads it, and passes it on. That next person passes it on after they read it, and so on. I wanted to figure out a way to track the book, so you can see what types of people owned it previously. I put a letter in the front of the book that asks for the person that has the book to email me with the following information:
Name (first name, last initial is fine)
Location (City, state, country if applicable)
A short anecdote about how they received the book
What they thought about the book
A picture of them holding the book
If they do anything to the book, like spill coffee on it, rip a page, etc.

So after I receive each email, I'll update this blog with all of this information. I also have a signature sheet in the back for each person to sign. Oh, and they can do anything they want to the book (highlight, doodle, write, etc) as long as it doesn’t make the book unreadable. I have highlighted my favorite line in the book already, and painted a picture of a dolphin in the front. The 25th person to receive the book will be responsible for mailing it back to me. I will reimburse them for all shipping costs, of course.

So I started this blog back in April, and haven't found the right person to send it to yet. I think I have, now. Hopefully this project takes off. I think it'll take around a year to complete, assuming people go along with it. I'll keep you all posted.

I'm starting another blog. It gets hard to keep up with me sometimes, I know. But this one is going to be about a passion project I've had sitting around for the last four or five months that I want to get off the ground.
It's a storybook/mini-graphic novel about a demon named Quincy, tentatively titled "Q." I have the entire storyline written out (some small details are still in my head), so I'm basically looking for an artist and publisher. I know this may seem sort of ridiculous, but I think it has the potential to be great.
My absolute dream team of artist/publisher would be Katie Cook (since her artwork inspired the original concept, and everything else I do), and Slave Labor Graphics. This is basically going to be a sort of mini-measurement to see if people would be interested in seeing my story in print. The blog is here, and should be up-and-running with a pretty layout and general storyline in a few days.

Oh, and the tattoo idea that I mentioned in the last State is now in play. I suppose that now that it is, I can tell people my idea.
Well, Craig Thompson is one of my favorite artists, ever. Some of you may remember the Menomena 7' post from a few weeks ago as proof. Well, I'm sending Craig a letter today or tomorrow that asks him if he can design a tattoo for me. I know, it's kind of a stretch, but if he follows through, it will be absolutely amazing, and will be documented here.

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