Friday, September 12, 2008

Feed the Beat

Another day, another heartless corporation attempting to connect with the younger crowd. Taco Bell, purveyors of all things "fast Mexican food" related, has started a contest called "FEED THE BEAT" (YES, IN ALL CAPS) where they are giving out 100 vouchers for $500 in food at Taco Bell. But the only catch is, you have to be in a band that is touring this year. They claim that it is their "way of giving back to our late-night fans and supporting the local music scene."
But that's just the first prizes. The three grand prizes are much cooler. Your band gets to record a radio single with a "well-known rock producer," have it mastered, and sent to radio. The single will also be advertised on TB's infamous hot sauce packets, and if I'm reading this correctly, available for download on their site.
This is kind of a cool idea. I like it, but I dislike how they act all buddy-buddy with "hip" bands. I don't know, it seems a bit overdone.
I would enter this contest if I were in a band. But, I'm not. So tell all of your friends in bands about this, because it's pretty neat. I mean, why not enter?! I sent it to a few buddies of mine. It ends on the 18th, so hurry up.

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