Monday, September 1, 2008

The Weekly Shuffle: Week 4

I ran out of bandwith to support the song players, so you guys are just going to have to either look it up, or deal with not being able to hear it for a week or two. This is why this post is a good 2-3 days late, because I've been trying to find a substitute. Sorry folks.
I re-downloaded this past week, so now you all have proof of my suffering. Sure, it'll screw my perfect record up, but it's for the blog. Visit my profile here. Oh, and you may be able to play some of the songs listed here on my profile. It all depends on if the artist allows it or not, so be sure to check it out.
Previous weeks:
Song #16: "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds, off of his album Rockin' The Suburbs
I love Ben Folds, but usually only his upbeat songs. This song is actually one of the few "slow" ones that I really enjoy. I'd put it after "Brick" as my favorite low tempo songs by him.
It's a great love song. He really knows how to write 'em. This would be a great wedding song. I want it to be mine, alright? I can only imagine dancing with my would-be wife to this song. It would be adorable, especially since it'll be an "oldie" by then.
Rating: 8.5/10

Song #17: "Live to Love Another Day" by Keith Urban, off of his album Be Here
For a country artist, Keith Urban isn't bad. This isn't his best song (or best album), but it's still good. He has a great voice, and can definitely play the guitar. Maybe I'm biased. I've had him forcibly shoved down my ear holes by my mother, who is borderline obsessed with Mr. Urban (even her license plate agrees with it, reading KTH URBN). Wait, did I say borderline? I meant completely. She's completely obsessed. It's sad.
Rating: 6.5/10

Song #18: "Some People Change" by Kenny Chesney, off of his album When the Sun Goes Down
Ah, Kenny. He's one of the country musicians that I can't appreciate. All of his music sounds completely similar, as if there is a Chesney Song Factory on a beach in the Caribbean somewhere. I don't like this song, at all. Well, I don't like him to begin with, but this song is just terrible.
Rating: 2/10

Song #19: "Jetstream" by Thom Yorke, off of the Harrowdown Hill EP
There is a very good reason this song isn't on his (perfect) album, and is reserved for the EP of its first single. It's very...skippy. That may seem like a weird term to describe music, but I assure you that it fits here.
As I casually mentioned above, I believe that Thom Yorke's solo album is one of the best of all time, and I don't even like Radiohead all that much. It's good to know that he left this track off of it, because it would have thrown the entire record into whack.
Rating: 4/10

Song #20: "Stripped" by Depeche Mode, off of their singles collection Singles 89-98
It really surprises me that this was a single. It sounds like an extremely boring song, without any radio playability at all. It's just him saying "Let me see you stripped down to the bone" over and over and over and over and over. I didn't exactly live during Depeche Mode's glory years, so maybe the message and talent behind this song is beyond me.
Rating: 3/10

This week's rating: 5/10

Well, the first month of the Weekly Shuffle is now laid to rest. I've "reviewed" 20 out of 13,041 songs. If you ask me, I'm well on my way to getting all of them done. At this rate, I'll have them done in...2,068 weeks. Or 50 years and 15 weeks. Or on January 18, 2059. And that's assuming I keep it up, and don't download any more music at all.
I think I can do it.

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