Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Weekly Shuffle: Week 3

I've decided to skip the "update" on the content of my iTunes. It's boring.
Anyways, here are the last two weeks' shuffles:
Week 1
Week 2
And here is this week:

Song #11: "Christie Lee" by Billy Joel, off of his album An Innocent Man

Old Billy Joel. Wow. This music reminds me of my dad. He likes Billy Joel, I think.
This sort of music is definitely not my style, at all. I do like the piano, however. He sounds like he is ripping off Jerry Lee Lewis though. Especially with the "WOOO"-ing he does throughout the song. He just said something about a wino. Oh, Billy.
Rating: 4/10

Song #12: "My Sacrifice" by Creed, off of their album Weathered

Yet another band I despise. I've disliked them for a long time, though. Scott Stapp's voice makes me want to punt a newborn. This is the sort of music that I despise: "alternative" hard rock.
I heard a few months (years?) ago that Scott Stapp had a sex tape with two hookers and Kid Rock. Eeeeeeeeeeew.
Rating: 1/10

Song #13: "Bossman" by Beenie Man featuring Lady Saw and Sean Paul, off of his album Tropical Storm

I'm not really one for modern reggae. This guy sounds pretty cool, though. I just hate how you can never, ever understand what they are saying. It's dumb. It's the same thing with metal. If music has lyrics, I'd like to hear them, thanks. I don't like Sean Paul. He sounds like he's trying too hard to do what he does. This song goes on for about 40 seconds longer than it should.
Rating: 3/10

Song #14: "Only Want to be With You" by Hootie and the Blowfish, off of their album Cracked Rear View

I remember loving this band when I was 12. I think my mom still listens to them. They actually aren't all that great, once you listen to them. I love how the chorus to this song goes "Ionlywannabewityouuuuuu-hoooooo." It makes me think he's talking about Yoo-Hoo.

Imaginary tagline: "Hootie and the Blowfish drink Yoo-Hoo, so should You-Hooooooo!" I should be in advertising.
Rating: 3/10

Song #15: "You Remind Me" by Nickelback, off of their album Silver Side Up

Wait, are you fucking kidding me? This is my absolute least favorite song of all time. Let me put it this way: for the first time in the three-week history of The Weekly Shuffle, I've turned the music down to barely audible levels. This band sucks so fucking bad. Why does anyone listen to them? Motherfucking Chad Kroeger has the worst voice I've ever heard.
I do remember seeing the video 3 years ago, and thinking the girl in it was hot. This warrants further research...

Yep, she's definitely foxy. She would totally not date him, much less have sex with him.
Note to whomever edited the Wikipedia page about Chad Kroeger:
I love you. So much.
Rating: 1/10

This week's rating: 2.4/10

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