Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Weekly Shuffle: Week 6

Another week, another shuffle. I'm too lazy to make links to all of the previous posts this week, so if you really want to look at the last five weeks, use the nifty search option in the top left corner of this page.
But here is my Enjoy, everyone.

Song #26: "Dive (Demo, 1988)" by Nirvana, off of disc 1 of the box set With The Lights Out
I no longer have this box set, I saw no point in owning it after putting it on my computer. It was a Christmas gift from my parents about 4 years ago, when I was going through my "I want to be like Kurt Cobain" phase.
I don't really like Nirvana's demos. Especially their early ones. It's just...noise. But this one isn't terrible. The vocals suck though. I mean they really suck. God, he's growling. And screaming "DIVE DIVE DIVE DIVE YEAAAAAAAAAH" over and over again. Damn, I changed my mind. This sort of sucks. Especially for Nirvana. He's either saying "diamond ring," or "dive with me." I wish the first one was more likely.
Fuck, I still have three minutes of this bullshit. Might as well Google image search Nirvana and see what comes up. Wow, all three of these were on the first page:
Cool. I like all three, especially the Simpsons one (which was used as a Rolling Stone cover a few years ago).
Rating: 2/10

Song #27: "C'mon C'mon" by Sheryl Crow, off of her album C'mon C'mon
Man, my mom used to love Sheryl Crow. I wonder why she doesn't anymore? Probably because of Keith Urban.
I don't know why, but I always have trouble getting into bands with female vocalists. It's weird. I'm not sexist, I just find it difficult.
I dislike this song. It's too "studio" for me. It sounds like I could turn on the radio and find 387 songs identical to this one. Plus, it's too long, at nearly 5 minutes. Goddamn.
Rating: 2/10

Song #28: "Thank U" by Alanis Morissette, off of her album Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie
I never understood what the selling point behind Alanis is/was. She's lyrically decent, but all of her songs sound the same, and she always sounds like she's trying to keep from yelling. Or that she just stopped yelling. It's weird. I've never heard this song before. She's saying "thank you India," I think. Maybe? But then she goes on to thank a bunch of emotions, so maybe I'm mishearing her. Let me check...yep, I was right. But maybe she's thanking India because all of the other emotions and shit are related to Buddhism? Who knows?
Rating: 3/10

Song #29: "Set Me Free" by Velvet Revolver, off of their album Contraband
There are maybe three songs by Velvet Revolver that I would classify as "listenable," and this is definitely not one of them. They just sound like a shitty combination of Stone Temple Pilots and Guns N' Roses. Oh wait...THEY ARE. Oops. informs me that this was for the Hulk soundtrack. Wow. No wonder it sucks.
Rating: 2/10

Song #30: "So Cold I Could See My Breath" by Emery, off of their album The Question
This is one of those bands that I've mentioned in the past that I have on my computer, but have never listened to. Judging by this song, there is a reason for that. Not to offend any Emery fans out there, but they aren't that good. They sound like a less gay version of A.F.I.
This sounds like every other "alternative" band on MTV at this moment in time. Gnarly guitars, screaming vocals, "deep" lyrics. Yep, they've got it all covered.
Rating: 2/10

This week's rating: 2.2/10
This is officially the worst week I've ever had on here. Figures, doesn't it?

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