Monday, August 4, 2008

Montauk monster update

Remember when I wrote about that "monster" that had washed up on the shore of Long Island last week? Well, new developments have happened since then, and as promised, here they are.
Another picture was released:

It isn't much different from the other one, but it proves that whatever it is isn't Photoshopped.
In addition to this, three fakes popped up around the internet:

Sources say that these three are completely Photoshopped or fake, and were definitely created to propel the Montauk monster story.

There is also a YouTube video of an interview with the three women that snapped the two legit pictures:

In this, they say they think the monster is from Plum Island, an inconspicuously named, government-owned "animal disease testing facility." Even I'm starting to think that this is legit.
I guess this is the sort of thing that you need to judge for yourself, you know?
Television personality Jeff Corwin thinks it's a raccoon. I'll bet he's in on it.


Anonymous said...

that's majorly scary.
it's scary.
it looks like
a skinless-bull-pig.

Matt said...

id sex it