Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Monster found in Montauk

This strange creature was found washed up on the eastern shoreline of Long Island on July 12:

No one knows what the fuck it is. Biologists around the world (who have seen the picture only) are stumped. No word yet on if it is actually real, or a prop for a movie. Apparently there is a government testing facility not far from where this washed ashore. But realistically, most people are convinced that it is a shell-less turtle (despite the fact that turtles' skin is attached to their shell, making this impossible), a decayed dog corpse, or an alien from another planet. Some are saying it's just Photoshopped.
But I'm truly concerned that this is another stupidly elaborate viral marketing scheme, and when they cut open its stomach its organs will fall out, spelling "CLOVERFIELD 2" or something. That, and people are also convinced that it is viral marketing for this show, set to premiere soon on Cartoon Network. Seems like a bit much for a cartoon.
Whatever it is, I'll keep you all updated.
Also, no one knows who took it where.

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