Sunday, August 10, 2008

Music you MUST listen to: The Motel Life

Let me tell you, there is nothing more refreshing than getting a friend request from a band that DOESN'T have a disco ball in their default photo/uses words other than "tonight" and "your eyes." So when I was greeted by The Motel Life, a four piece arrangement of flannel and spectacular word choice straight outta Ontario, CA (as in California, not America's hat), it's safe to say I was pleasantly surprised. The more than charismatic boys start work on their first EP tomorrow, and I caught them for a briefing.
Let's start with introductions.
Mike is main vox and plays some keyboards.
Anthony plays bass and back-up vox.
Judcody plays guitar and back-up vox.
Nick plays drums and back-up vox.
We also have a live guitarist who plays the second guitar parts Judcody made for the songs. However, we are not going to announce him yet. The dude is awesome though.

I haven't heard many bands like yours. How would you define your sound?
(Judcody): Well personally I have to say weve been pretty lost since day one with any kind of direction in what we were going for, and I'm happy with that, because that leaves no boundaries for what people should expect from us.

Do you draw inspiration from anything in particular, or is your lyricist just an English major? COMPLIMENT!
(Mike): Actually, I am an English major, I draw my inspiration from my life experiences. I like to write stuff that people can relate to and be able to create a type of connection with our music.

You seem to be keeping it local for the time being, are you unsigned and just fine, or do you want to step up into the big leagues?
(Nick): All of us love being able to play local shows and the response has been great so far, but when we are doing everything ourselves such and booking shows and buying merch and equipment on our own, and have been in a few bands before and know the routine inside and out, it gets a little tiring. I think getting signed would definitely help us out as a band. The goal is to play for as many people as possible and get as many people to hear our music as we can.

Recording for the new EP is scheduled for later this week. Are you crazy excited?
(Anthony): Very.
(Nick): Yeah it's gonna be too much fun.
(Mike): Heck yea! mad Crazy excited. this has been very long over due.
(Judcody): I'm very excited, recording is such a fun process and it makes you feel productive because you get to see what you've been working on for the past 8 or 9 months come together.
It feels good.

Any influences?

(Mike): Tons! vocally I look up to many artist. some of my favys are Daryl Palumbo, Jesse Lacey, Ace Ender and Dustin Kensrue.
(Judcody): Smashing Pumpkins, At the Drive-in, Radiohead, Nada surf, Dinosaur jr., Emily Haines, Bloc Party.
(Nick): Brand New, Tegan and Sara, Death Cab For Cutie, Modest Mouse, Weatherbox.

What's it gonna take for some scandalous whispers about the EP?
(Anthony): The entire thing's about hating our town, realizing what bad situations and friends you had, booking agents who are out to steal your money. I love the songs are based on true events. So if people figure out a songs about them, this could easily become scandalous.

Most amazing live show you guys have been at. Time for some serious name-dropping.
(Nick): Every time I see Brand New, I feel the energy they give off and its awesome. Seeing Morrissey was also pretty mind blowing. Come On! its Morrissey!
(Anthony): Too many to name.
(Judcody): I recently saw Bloc Party at The Glasshouse and that was pretty amazing, but umm out of the past shows I've seen I'd have to say Damien Rice is also amazing live.
(Mike): Geez that's so hard to answer! Of course Brand New was amazing and maybe my number two spot would be The Early November. Their last farewell tour was way too good.

How do you feel about indie rock music today? Is the mainstream taking over?
(Mike): Indie rock has always been about rocking out with a more thoughtful, intimate, and enlightening perspective. I feel that love still beats in the hearts of the indie scene.
(Nick): Word.

Parting words? Feel free to advertise shamelessly.
Go to our myspace and look out for new songs being posted, as well as the EP which will be available for purchase online and at shows in early-mid September.

Make sure to check out The Motel Life's Myspace. I'll keep you posted on the EP.

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