Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wet and Rusting by Menomena

I want to start this out by saying this: I do not own a lot of vinyl. I own somewhere between ten and fifteen records, most of them bought at garage sales and resale stores. I'm by no means a collector. But every once in a while, a record will come out that I absolutely love. This is one of those cases. I received this as a birthday gift from my best friend, Nicole.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present the Wet and Rusting 7' record by Menomena: Now, I started listening to Menomena about 9-10 months ago, and they have quickly become one of my favorite bands, ever. Their second (or third, depending on who you talk to) album, Friend and Foe is ranked as one of my favorites of all time. Needless to say, I like 'em quite a bit. So when I heard that they released an EP for their single Wet and Rusting containing several b-sides, I knew I had to obtain it. I then downloaded the album, and seen (but not bought) the CD, and heard rumors of it on vinyl. I hadn't found any solid evidence of its existence until I found out what company pressed it (City Slang). Then I found out that they were located in the United Kingdom, and only 40 copies were sent over to Menomena's American vinyl presser, FILMgurrero. They sold out. Yes, it's hard to obtain in the states. She got it, though.
But enough about obtaining it. Now that I have it in my possession, I can truly appreciate how beautiful it is. It doesn't quite match the amazing feat that the Friend and Foe album art did (it was nominated for a Grammy; here is an extensive article about it), but it is definitely up there.
The artwork is done by one of my favorite artists ever, Craig Thompson. Some of you may recognize the name and art style from the popular graphic novel Blankets. Apparently, Craig is good friends with the band, seeing as he went on tour with them and drew giant murals behind them while they were playing live shows.
Anyways the silvery artwork is all over the place, in Craig's classic style. All of the lyrics from the titular song are displayed on the cover, whether being random bubble words, or words spoken by the creatures that inhabit it. It's obvious to me that Thompson spends a lot of time on his work for Menomena. Beautiful, beautiful.
When you open the back panel up, it looks like this:

Sure, it doesn't really have that POW! effect that the cover does, but the drawings and text on the inside are still charming. Yes, charming. But that...?CLEAR VINYL?! Fuck yes it is. Clear vinyl with three sharks eating each other printed on it. Like I said, it's pretty fucking awesome. And that's just the way it looks. I haven't even listened to it yet. But the two songs that it contains (Wet and Rusting and Gay A) are two of the band's best, so I'm sure it will be just as fantastic.


jozieh said...

menomena is absolutely wonderful.

thank you, it is fiction actually. its part of my book.

Menomenation said...

I only have the CD version :( but it's almost as nice... not quite.

But really when I comes down it it... greatest album of all time for me (at this time) is either a toss up between "friend and foe" or "Kid A" and really as good as Radiohead is I'm so much more obsessed with Menomena right now.