Sunday, August 10, 2008

Soul Men: Cursed?

In the last two days, two Hollywood legends have passed away. Bernie Mac, the original King of Comedy died from pneumonia complications, and soul singer and actor Issac Hayes was found in his house after collapsing while running on his treadmill. Both of these men have something in common: the upcoming movie Soul Men.

Bernie was first, followed by Issac (as eerily illustrated in this promotional picture). Is Samuel L. Jackson next? Let's hope not. Conspiracy theories aside, you have to admit, this is a bit fishy. I'm not going to poke fun at the deceased or anything, but the paranoid side of me thinks Samuel will die tomorrow. If this happens, news stories will erupt around the country, and Soul Men will become the most famous movie of all time, beating out Titanic and The Dark Knight (which only had one dead star). I'll keep you all updated on Sammy J's condition.


JScully said...

A very interesting theory indeed.

Anonymous said...

i only heard like, tonight Bernie died,
but Issac, too?
that's scary.