Monday, August 18, 2008

Stuff I found in my room - Team America caution tape

I am a pack rat, in every sense of the word. I have several drawers in my room devoted to storing random junk that I know I'll never use, but still feel obligated to keep around. I started doing a deep cleansing of my room last week, and found a bunch of crap that the rest of the world may find interesting. I give you part one of: Flash back to November of 2004. I was at a comic-con in Dallas, Texas (around where I used to live), with a few of my friends. Among these friends was a dude named Cody. I, being a freshman in high school at this time, looked up to Cody, a junior, quite a bit. He was my best friend throughout this entire school year.
Anyways, Cody and I were with two or three other friends at this comic-con. If you've never been to one, this is a place where companies promote movies, comics, TV shows, and anything else they think is worth promoting. Amongst the movies being promoted at this con was Team America: World Police. This movie is remembered as the puppet-centered comedy film from the creators of South Park. It wasn't exactly the best movie ever, but it had some laughs.
Anyways, like I was saying, this movie was being promoted at the con. It had been in theaters for about two weeks by this time, and it wasn't really doing as well as they had hoped it would at the box office. Cody and I visited the booth, took a few knicknacks they had sitting around, and con-ned on.
When we were about to leave, the con was closing. We had our backpacks filled with useless crap from our day's adventure, and were looking to eat somewhere afterwards. When we walked by the now taken-apart Team America booth, we saw two rolls of what looked like police-issue CAUTION tape on the table. These rolls were branded with the Team America logo, and the date that the movie came out (October 2004). We grabbed these rolls, mine being much larger than his, and probably completely unused.
Well, I still have my roll of Team America tape. I'm pretty sure Cody used up all of his shortly after we got them, but I kept mine exactly how I found it, never once unrolling it.
And here it is:
And if you want to know how much I have, here:

The diameter of this roll is about 7 inches. The plastic is super-thin. I'm thinking I have a few hundred feet of this stuff, maybe more. It has just been sitting in my closet, gathering dust, and I have no idea what to do with it. So, readers, I give you a task: think of something interesting for me to do with my Team America: World Police caution tape. I'll do anything, as long as it isn't completely illegal. I'll write about what I do with it here on the blog. Post what you want me to do in the comments below, or send me a message on Myspace.

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