Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why I hate America sometimes: reason #128

Pam and Bubba Mathis were married earlier this month. Both live in Georgia and make a modest living working at the local Waffle House. Strangely, they chose their workplace as a place to hold their wedding.

Here we see Bubba putting on his tie, preparing for his "big day." Note the Atlanta Braves hat. Stylish and hip! What a cracker.

Here we see the blushing bride being walked down the...parking lot. You can tell the wedding guests spent a long time picking out their clothes.

Hate to say it, but this only happens in the deep south. They are the most unironically named people in the history of the Waffle House. Bubba and Pam? They were probably given a lifetime contract and a shotgun at birth.

Click here for the original article. Be sure to watch the slideshow of their wedding photos too.

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