Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cinnamon toothpicks

I was browsing one of my favorite blogs when I came across this image:
Harmon Hot Cinnamon Fire-Pix. Man, did this bring back some memories. Fond ones. You see, these packages had five cinnamon-flavored flat toothpicks in them, with a kick that rivals Big Red. I used to chew on these all the time. I'd plow through four or five of these packages a day before accidentally ingesting a shard of one and having a splinter stuck in my esophagus. Fantastic. I miss them.

As far as finding them for sale online though, Tase-T-Picks had some, but they are sold out. Damn you, Tase-T-Picks!
And get this, they were sued in the 80's.

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