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Top 5 Bands You Need to Know About: part 5 of 5: interview with Stefan Pruett of Peachcake

Part 5 of 5: Peachcake

Peachcake is a rarity among indie rock bands. The people that consider themselves fans of Peachcake's music are motherfucking fans of Peachcake's music. I can't say I've ever seen such an interesting, cult-like following being this invested in a band this size.
But to be honest, it doesn't suprise me. I'm definitely a member of the Peachcake cult, and you should be too. They have a super-hyped album called "What Year Will You Have the World?" coming out in October, and it is one of my most anticipated of the year.
I chatted with Stefan Pruett, and he basically rambled on awesomely.

Explain Peachcake in a rhyming phrase.

What is Peachcake's objective as a band?
A layered question, might I add. Really, I think it comes down to the avid promotion and propagation of awareness among all individuals and the greater collective consciousness. We just want people to know and believe they are empowered to be who they are, and change accodingly, and not fear these imperative elements of personal, visceral, and overall development and evolution...on both an individualistic, or microcosmic and macrocosmic level.
There's too much emphasis placed on the degredation, devaluing, and belittling of people and we use those as a means to rationalize the so-called need or desire for things to better us and improve us. But really, when you consider thiis disearnest implore, it's pretty ridiculous and just utter, bullshit. I think.

Why is the band named Peachcake, of all things?
Well, a long time ago we were chillin' with a group of our pals at this crazy 'lil join called, "The Max," Yeah...maybe you've heard of it? And then Ms. Spano, a great friend and supporter of the band walked up to my main man, AC Slater and was all up in his grill givin' him some lip. Then this meteor crashed, and these crazy punk-ass space-explorers captured our persecuted earth asses and brought us all to this sanctuary, also termed, "The Planet Awesome." It was like the sauna of golden proportion or the Islamic corner of the Heavens where 72 virgins await your was pure magic. And shit went down. We got a true lesson in altruism that day. I'll never forget that.
Oh yeah, and then some striking young lad with the mose voluminous, and adept blonde-haired comb-over I've ever seen said, would you like to taste the Peachcake? And I was like....what is this? Some rank ass sexual innuendo...and he insisted I indulge, so I did, and then we turned into rockstars. Or Rocks, Stars. Maybe rock, paper, scissors. Something like that...or maybe I'm making all this up...nah...I couldn't be...could I be?

How do you get ideas for songs, song titles, and lyrics?
See aforementioned details. Or the little men inside of our heads whispering sweet nothings into our ears. In America, you have a tendency to refer to them as, "Imaginations," on the Planet Awesome, they are called, Realisms, or Kate Chopin's...or for the male incantation, Mark Twain's. Who are your biggest musical inspirations?Our lord and savior, Wisconsin Deli Cheese. Del E. Webb facilities (poppin' up all over this place, unexpectedly and undesirably since who knows when), Accessing iTunes Stores, random, unnecessary thing that are far too accessible, people and things that constantly create ti innovate or innovate create, those and that of which is pushing the envelop without an opener, hot pants, cold pants, no pants, dance. Interprative-style.

What is the oddest thing a fan has done during a show?
Ummmmm...lots of times hoards of people from the crowd have just taken matters into their own hands and decidedly jumped onto the stage, causing a wave or chain reaction in the crowd and the result being around 80-100+ people dancing about on stage with us. Also, many time people have just grabbed me for a photo op mid-song while we were playing. I usually just laugh and fulfill the request. It's all about a joyous occasion!

What is your absolute favorite song to perform live?
Hmmmm, one we never really's called, Keep the World Safe, Tony Saprano...and it's coming to a show near you. It's on the album, and it's the jam. The gem. Gem. She's awesome, and reeeeeally sexy. I'm into it.

What do you do when not Peachcakin'?
I don't know if you want to know the answer to that question...;) Teeeheeeeheeeee! Well. I really enjoy just making music, so we're constantly jamming around with random peeps who are a part of the Peachcake collective. :) I also really enjoy the presence of women, so I tend to hang out with those of that type as often as possible. But not so much that it clouds my natural inclination to be repsonsible and fulfill my duties to the improvement of the human race.

And since I'm talking to YOU:
Where the hell do you get all of your clothing?
Random gifts, often acquired through friends, family, or listeners of the sort. I don't normally go shopping for anything or buy clothes frequently. I mean, I have more so lately, but I try to stay away from consumption unless it pertains to what I do (our show) or is of some necessity. :)

Download Peachcake's song "Stop Acting Like You Know More About The Internet Cafe Than Me" right here. Peachcake will be touring starting today. Check their Myspace for dates.

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