Sunday, July 13, 2008

State of the blog: July 13, 2008

So the A.J. Jacobs interview went over really well. A.J. himself apparently liked it, and that's exactly what I was going for. Oh, and those of you who asked me how to get his books, I now made links to his Amazon pages in the article. It would be cool if you read them, bought them, or anything of the sort. Even pretending to have read them is alright, as long as you don't get asked questions extensively about the subject matter of each.

Next week's band interviews are going over pretty well. I'm having to talk to the head of Vagrant Records to get a certain band's MP3 on this site, but hopefully it'll all work out and I'll be able to release that sampler like I'd hoped.

I decided that unless I absolutely feel it is necessary, I'm not going to write any "real" blog posts on Sundays. Yes, I need a day off too.

Tomorrow I'll be posting the start of the "Top 5 Bands You Need to Know About" section. All of the other weekdays this week will just be the band articles or short posts; I don't want to overwhelm you guys or myself.

I've been talking with Kate about making me several different neat headline-things for this blog. One would be for these types of posts, another for the band ones, and hopefully, another for the memories posts. I'd hate to stress her out though.

I'll update this periodically throughout the day, just like the last one, so keep checking back.

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