Thursday, July 31, 2008


Way back in May of 2007, [adult swim] had what they called the "Night of 1000 Pilots," where they showed five pilot (AKA: first) episodes of shows they were thinking about broadcasting regularly. They let the fans choose what show they would pick up via online poll, and promised that whichever show won would get one season shown on [as], and more if it was successful. Among the five was a magical show called Superjail!

This show is about the Warden (seen above), the proprietor and...warden of a jail named Superjail!, where the prisoners that have committed the world's most heinous crimes are incapacitated. It doesn't really have a solid plot, but it focuses on instances and misadventures inside the walls of the jail. The Warden is joined by Jared, the jail's formerly alcoholic accountant, and Alice, the likely-transsexual prison guard that the Warden has a crush on.
But enough about that. This is one of the most vile, violent, and offensive ten minutes of television you will ever watch. There are no words in my vocabulary to describe what goes on at this jail. Limbs are sawed off, penises are ripped off by birds (offscreen), and other such horrors. They really push the envelope.
The animation is beautiful too. It's absolutely gorgeous how everything flows together so flawlessly. The art may look crappy from the two pictures I've shown you, but wait until you see it in action.
At the end of the poll, Superjail! ended up in the #2 spot (after The Drinky Crow Show) with 21% of the votes. As promised, [as] will run The Drinky Crow Show starting in January of 2009. The third place winner, Fat Guy Stuck in Internet, was also picked up, premiering this June. So I ask this question: why not Superjail! too? Having watched all five pilots on that night, this was easily the best (or second-best, depending on who you talk to), so why skip over it? I'd watch this show and buy every season ever produced if they extended it into a series. Hell, I can show you other people that would as well. I want Superjail! to be produced. Drop Xavier: Renegade Angel or Saul of the Mole Men and pick this up, you twits.

Wikipedia says there were only two episodes ever made, the pilot and episode 1. Click here to view and download the pilot.

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