Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Top 5 Bands You Need to Know About: Part 2 of 5: interview with Corey Goodman of Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship

Part 2 of 5: Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship

Corey Goodman is an Illinois native with his own one-man band, fantastically named Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship. He combines electric noises with funny lyrics and a completely wild stage show, featuring wrestling standees, crazy clothing, dancing, and his signature gas can drinking apparatus. His songs are about crazy personal experiences, douchebags, and girls with moustaches.
I e-interviewed Corey and talked to him about SFYYRS, performing alone, his other band the Vanilla Beans, and crazy fans.

Explain Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship's sound.
I like to think it as fun. That's about all. It's electronicy comedy pop hip hop rock, I don't really know. I don't want to label myself as electro or one of those thingers, because I don't really think I sound like most electronic music really. I do, but not really? I don't really know. Just fun.

What is your biggest non-musical inspiration?
Wrestling by far. It's been influencing my lyrics a lot lately. I love wrestling so much.

Where is your favorite place to play?
I love everywhere almost really. It's just fun going out there and doing it. Every place usually has something I really like about it. I just like places where the people are sweet and nice. That's all I need.

You have a very interesting and eccentric stage show. What is your reasoning behind this?
I just got tired of going to shows and being bored out of my mind when watching bands. I just try to keep going nonstop so there's always something to watch.

What is the craziest thing that has happened during one of your shows?
I don't even know. There's been so many shows and some pretty crazy moments. Nothing tooo crazy. I can't really think of anything super awesome off hand. It happens though.

Is it scary being on stage all alone?
you know, it really was at first, but I'm used to it now. Every once in awhile I'd play a big show or something weird and I'd get really freaked out about it, but it always turns out fine. I also play in an actual band called The Vanilla Beans and it's kind of awkward now being on stage with other people.

Can you see SFYYRS being a huge sold-out stadium act someday?
ha, I really don't think so.

Why do you offer your albums for free?
I personally hardly ever buy music, i'm all about downloading it for free. I don't have tons of money laying around to buy stuff anyway, so yeah I think my fans and non-fans should be able to have it for free. If they come to a show or buy a shirt or even say "hey, I think you're a pretty sweet dude" then I'm happy. I'm just happy if anyone's listening.

You have a famous hatred for all things Radiohead. Does Thom Yorke keep releasing music just to piss you off?
He can do whatever he wants. It's not so much Radiohead's music, I mean there's tons of awful bands out there, but none with the huge douche following that Radiohead has. When Thom Yorke takes a dump hipsters everywhere smell it and tell each other it smells like a flower. I don't know. It's okay if you like Radiohead, I just don't. I think they're really overrated. At least Nickelback has catchy songs.

Click here to download SFYYRS' song "Restart My Heart."


JScully said...

"At least Nickelback has catchy songs."

I'm sure you very much enjoyed this.

T. Walters said...

Oh, hell yes.

Kyle said...

Nickelback has catchy SONG, you mean. And "Leader of Men" isn't exactly "Creep."

I feel extra-entitled to be snarky since I hang out with Corey semi-frequently.

T. Walters said...

You are deserving of that snarkiness, I think.