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Top 5 Bands You Need to Know About: Part 3 of 5: interview with Adam Engers of Dr. Manhattan

(Photo by Stefan Morrison)
Part 3 of 5: Dr Manhattan

Dr. Manhattan is one of the most interesting bands I've come across in a long, long time. Comprised of five members, this Waucounda, Illinois band isn't afraid of making original-sounding music. The lyrics are insightful and sometimes funny, and the instrumental bits flow together perfectly. They are definitely worth checking out, if you haven't already. They are gonna be big.
I was able to wrangle an e-interview with Adam Engers, the mustachioed bassist for the band.

How did you get "discovered" by Vagrant records?
it was one of those old fashioned he tells him tells her ordeals. a mad motha named Gino Scarim who works sound at the local music box, Clearwater Theatre, located in West Dundee, dug our dish & so sent one flyin to Mike Bachta (our current manager). Bachta Manhattan passed our saucy dish out to hungry record labels (those vicious bottomless pits). Vagrant happened to have an unrefined taste for psylocybin at the moment and so made the decision to seek us out.

What has been your favorite memory of touring so far?
There have been all too many great memories made over the last year or so of touring that it is positively impossible to choose just one, but i do remember one time...i think it was sometime last summer. we all agreed to stay up through the night striving to extract rare hormones & thus experiment with our unlimited emotions. We supercharged our bodies with raging variations of heavy energy drinks & drove mad blind. not something we'd encourage but at the time we were young & thirsty...this hasn't changed. we made it through the night semi-stable & up rose the hot bright sun. pulled into a rest area we did. something was different. tweaked we were. tweaked into a frenzy that frightened a lot of innocent family types that day. we split out of the vehicle doin handflips and garbage slaps and screamin banshee bluster. what a hoot! it's moments like these that we look forward to. when the rare side of the man peeks his cooky eyes at you. the show that night was unlike any other as well. it was the first & possibly only time we'll feel like the beatles must've felt when thousands of girls screamed into a mass faint. we played for maybe 30-50 hyped up girls who screamed their little heads off. it was amazing. the next day we didn't feel so good.

Is playing the Warped Tour as bad as other bands say it is?
We can't say much on that because we haven't really experienced Warped Tour for a duration more than one day. last year we played the ernie ball stage. it was a hell of a lot of fun & we can't wait to do half the tour, despite all the negativity being spread about the conditions of the tour. we're not worried about things like that.

Are you local celebrities in Wauconda?
yah, we can hardly go to our local Jewels without being stampeded by our precious townies. we love our home. we love our people.

What is your guys' favorite song to play live?
we have a few favorites: Texas, Breath, Gunpowder, & Minds are probably the topps.

Who are your musical inspirations?
one hunaphu & seven macaw

I know you just released your first, but when can we expect a second album?
you ought to be expectin our second album right now & forever until it covers your walls in blood & whipped cream. but honestly, it will unfortunately be a yearish before we release a second album because that's the state of industry these days. it's gonna be nasty dirty tho!
thanks for havin us! peace & gold za za!

Download Dr. Manhattan's song "Big Chomper, Big Chomper" here.

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