Monday, July 7, 2008


Like I said in my Flintstones vitamins post, I've been thinking a lot about my childhood lately. Whilst reminiscing the other night, I came across a memory of these wonderful tasty treats:

Does anyone besides me remember these? Dunk-A-Roos were kangaroo-shaped cookies that you "dunked" in the included icing. They came in several varieties: chocolate, vanilla, and cookies n' cream. I was a fan of chocolate, of course.
But to go on a brief rant, I remember when the cookies n' cream ones were released, I thought they were alright. This was around the time that Hershey's created the cookies n' cream bandwagon, so I'm assuming Dunk-A-Roos were just in it for the publicity.
Anyways, I absolutely loved these as a child. I remembered the dome-shaped frosting container depth looking deceiving, and scoffing at the tiny amount of frosting that was bound to be contained within. Truth is, 15 tiny cookies later, there was still enough frosting in this basin to cover an average 7-year-old's finger. They were not bitches about their frosting. They didn't care if we grew fat and disgusting, all they cared about was making a quality product for children to grow addicted to. "Fuck calories!" said that damn kangaroo. "We don't fuckin' care, ya fatasses! Smother them in frostingggggg!"
Amen, kangaroo. Amen.
And guess what? THEY STILL FUCKING MAKE THESE. It says they are especially popular in Canada. Canadians always had the best taste in everything. Apparently they have a honey graham flavor now? Clearly, they are trying to get healthy.
I expect to write a few more stories about my childhood, all leading up until my 18th birthday. Maybe I'll do one a week or something.

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