Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Irrelevance (#5)

I know I just did one of these as my last "real" post, but they get a lot of good feedback, and I don't really have time to write a full-length post. Sorry.
Also, I would love it if someone would make me a banner for the beginning of these posts. It feels bland without them. Be creative.
I hope this post holds you all over for the next day or so.

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom HourglassSince the blog has been out of commission for a few days, I needed something to pass the time. Luckily, Kate let me borrow this game, and I've been playing it since. Like I said in the last post, I don't really play video games all that much, so it's sort of out of character for me. But this game is completely addicting, even if you aren't really a Zelda fan. I mean, I beat it in four days, but only because I couldn't put it down. I don't think my DS was turned off during my entire "adventure."
What I liked most about the game was that it uses every single one of the DS's capabilities. Whether it be blowing into the mic to snuff out candles, closing the DS to transfer something from one screen to the other, or using the touch pad to control Link, every base is touched. It's innovative in a way that DS games should have been innovative three years ago.
It makes me want to get the new Kirby game that came out recently. I love Nintendo.

Hymie's Basement I decided to download a few of Yoni Wolf's (from WHY?) many, many side projects, and was surprised at how much I liked Hymie's Basement. It is what WHY? would be if WHY? was a lo-fi, acid-ingesting band. The lyrics are bizarre, the music is sort of thrown together, and the vocals aren't the best, but everything compliments each other perfectly.
If you are actually going to take my advice, and download something by them, listen to "21st Century Pop Song" first. It's easily the best song on the album. Also, "Ben and Joey" is hilarious (and really short).

Apple juice
I fucking love apple juice, and no, I'm not under the age of eight. I've been drinking the stuff excessively lately, and I'm not sure why. Probably because it makes me pee a lot, and tastes awesome, but that's besides the point.
The weird part about my obsession is that I dislike apples. I wouldn't say I hate them, but I have the exact same problem with them that I do with potatoes: the way they feel when I eat them. It's like eating fine, worn-down sandpaper. I don't understand how people can do it. That, and every time I eat potatoes, I feel like it's going to get lodged in my throat.
But anyways, I dislike apples, but like apple juice. A lot. Weird, isn't it? Tree Top is the best brand, for the record.

A lot of people haven't liked this season of House for some reason. Why is this? You have an amazing cast (including the absolutely stunning Olivia Wilde), a lot of funny moments (including the "coke" scene in last night's episode), and House himself is more of a douchebag than ever. What's so terrible about it? Sure, you don't really see much of the original three cast anymore (well, maybe Foreman), but still. It's an awesome show nonetheless. Stop whining.

A week ago, I had a "group interview" at a Blockbuster location several miles from my house. I lucked into a ride down there with my friend Ashley, and boy was it strange. I walked into the store, and there were about fifteen people standing around, not really looking at movies. The man at the front desk was busy with several customers, so I figured I'd wait until he was done with them to ask him about the interview. After pacing around the store and looking at the movies (but not really "looking" at them), he announced to the store that the interview would be in the back room. All but one or two people in the store suddenly turned in that direction and started making the great migration towards the door marked "EMPLOYEES ONLY" in the back. We all sat down in folding chairs around rectangular card tables, and the district manager started talking to us. Her name escapes me at the moment, but it was something semi-cutesy. She was a good-looking lady in her mid to late-thirties, and every so-called joke she told was followed by fits of nervous laughter from everyone in the room. Then came the awkward part. We had to volunteer to sell a nonexistent product or membership to someone around us, in total silence, with everyone staring at us. I, of course, didn't volunteer, but the people that did seemed like they were incredibly nervous while doing so. And this made me wonder: how can play-acting in front of a group of people show her how we'd act in a one-on-one situation? I'm perfectly comfortable selling a product to one person, but get really nervous in front of large groups (which is why my dream to be a comedian died out really quickly). It just doesn't make sense to me. But hey, whatever.
The group of people applying for these jobs (all over the area, in nineteen different locations) were some of the most drastically different humans I've ever seen. You had your Hispanic, middle-aged guy in a polo that knew the tricks of the trade; your seemingly gay hipster kid who walked in wearing Aviators (and used to work at Wal-Mart); your Blockbuster veteran who had worked at a location in California for 6 or 7 years; your African-American man that looks to be pushing 50 with terrible teeth and Coke-bottle glasses; your audiophile that works or has worked at two of the city's most famous record stores (who offered to make me a few mix CD's, and claims to own hundreds of records); your cabinet-installing Steve Buscemi lookalike that is more obnoxious than anyone, and is of an indeterminable age; your freshly-graduated, long-haired kid with acne that wears button-up shirts with blue flames on them, who is applying for a manager position, all in the same room. If you think it was strange and uncomfortable, you are completely and totally correct. Except you didn't experience it. It sounds unpleasant, but I assure you that when I was done, my mouth was dry and you would easily soak a towel with all of the sweat on my body. And I don't get uncomfortable like that very often.
Anyways, I got the job, and start this Friday. Sorry this blurb was so long. I didn't expect it to be.

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