Monday, October 20, 2008

Dream #1

Usually, I hate it when people tell me their dreams. I'm one of those people that immediately tunes someone out if they say "So I had a weird dream last night..." Unless I was in it, I generally don't give a shit.
But I had a fucked up dream last night. My final thought before I fell asleep was "I forgot to brush my teeth." So my dream was as follows (Warning: kinda gross):

I was in a bathroom, looking at my teeth in the mirror, when I noticed a hole in my first molar. There was plaque all around it, so I cleared it out. It was literally the size of a dime. Anyways, I poked some sort of dental instrument into the hole, and more plaque started oozing out. I kept spitting it out, and pushing the hole even more. It reminded me of those Play-Doh spagetti makers, you know?
After about twenty "pushes," blood started coming out. I took this as a sign that I had better stop, and looked down at the sink. There was a pile of plaque, about the size of a shot put ball. Absolutely disgusting, right?

I already knew this, but this just proves that I don't like my teeth being dirty.

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