Wednesday, October 29, 2008

State of the blog: October 29, 2008

I'm incredibly sorry for not posting anything for the last few days. My computer keeps randomly shutting off when I try to post on Blogger (for some odd reason). It does it at other times too, but I suppose that doesn't really matter to most of you.
I've been working while I've been away though. I have a few post ideas for the next few days, including one titled "The Top 5 Words Pornography Has Changed Forever." Exciting, no?

I removed Danny and Anna from the people able to write for this blog. They weren't doing anything, and I was tired of being a dick to them. So I guess I'm writing solo for now.

I signed up for a novel-writing adventure thingy for next month as well. During the entire month of November I'll be attempting to write 55,000 words in novel format. Sounds fun, doesn't it? I'll be writing a story I've been wanting to for a while. I'm excited. The website for the project (National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo) is located here. So hopefully my computer is fixed by then, right?

I've also been working on my novella a little bit as well. It's coming along really nicely. I'm having a blast writing it. All of the feedback that you guys have been giving me has really been helping me. I'm generally the type of person that abandons projects like this pretty easily, but constant support from readers and friends keeps me going. Thanks everyone.

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