Thursday, October 16, 2008

A letter to PETA

Dear PETA,

I, unlike most non-vegetarians or vegans, respect you. Yes, even through the countless scandals, unorthodox techniques for gaining attention, and advertisements with naked people in them, I consider you an eccentric, yet reputable organization.
But this bullshit with your teenage members changing their legal names to one of your many websites needs to stop. It started back in '06 with 19-year old Chris Garnett changing his name to, and now another 19-year old has followed suit, changing her name from Jennifer Thornburg to Cutout I know you are all passionate about protecting animals and what not, but doing things like this isn't going to help you gain members. It's just going to make your community seem more cult-like. No one wants to join a cult, PETA. Especially one that is based around something as futile as animal rights.
Please, take my advice, and tell your members to cut the shit. It's really getting annoying.

Ty Walters

P.S. KFC is delicious. I don't care what you say.

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