Saturday, October 11, 2008

IDEA: Rainbow Polaroids

If you are interested in photography at all, chances are you are aware of Polaroid's decision to stop making their widely-known instantly developing film and cameras by the end of this year. And if not, surprise! They announced this at the beginning of this year. Good job keeping up with the news.
Anyways, while most would see this as a sad occurrence, I see it as a wholly positive one. As stated in the article above:

"Loyal users take heart, though — Polaroid said it would happily license the technology to other manufacturers should they want to go on supplying the niche market with film after 2009."
That means that any company that wants to make the film can acquire the rights to do so. This means that we'll start seeing different types of film available for these cameras, rather than the standard color (or black and white) film we are so used to. I can see businesses making the normally dull white border different colors, or maybe making the pictures monotone with a certain color (such as everything in the picture being red, or something of the sort).
But I want to take that monotone idea a bit further. There are ten pictures in each pack of Polaroid film, and I think it would be interesting to make each photo on the roll a different color. Like a rainbow of pictures. Even better, randomize the order, so you never know what colors will come out. Even better, combine it with the colored border change that I mentioned above, so that you know what color it will develop in the instant it comes out. How neat would that be?
It's times like these when I wish I worked for an advertising company. If you are reading this and happen to work for one, I don't mind if you steal my idea. You have my word that I won't sue.

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