Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our generation

Since my computer has been acting up, I've been biking to the library each and every day to write, read my email, and work on assignments for my online classes. My local library has a shitload of computers, and I'm currently people-watching these two 12 year-old boys in the row in front of me watch a YouTube video of a bunch of "funny pictures." Full screen. With lots and lots of cartoon nudity. Since I sat down seven minutes ago, they have watched no less than four of these montages. Oh wait, it seems they took a step up and are now watching a video of an EXTREMELY obese woman in a blue bikini dance in what looks like a kitchen. And now a video of an equally obese woman sitting. Or lounging, whichever you prefer. Ooh, back to the photo montages, this time it's pictures of ugly animals. I am extremely impressed by their mature senses of humor, especially since they are nearly crying laughing. And I love how the one holding the mouse has to point the arrow thingy at what would be deemed "funny" in each photo, as if he needs to point it out to his comrade. Yes, in the time it took me to type out those sentences, they watched all of these videos. I didn't sit here and wait for them to change, they did it themselves, and at that speed.
And it makes me wonder: why the fuck does our generation need to be constantly entertained? Is television, cinema, music, books, magazines, newspapers, and the like not enough for us? It may seem tad hypocritical of me to say something like this, especially since I just rented three movies to watch today and tomorrow (on top of the other two I need to watch that I own), but still. If I don't whine about it, who will?
Oh, and now they are watching a montage of demented faces and stuff. Awesome. Photo montages on YouTube are the equivalent of photo albums of ".::FUNNI PICZ::." on Myspace. You aren't funny because you post funny things that you didn't make. Be original, douchebag.

Man, this was an asshole post. But it needed to come out.

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