Saturday, November 15, 2008

Irrelevance (#7)

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3-disc DVD's
A few days ago, my manager at Blockbuster and I were talking about DVDs. I brought up that a lot of movies have been getting the "3-disc" treatment lately, and he commented on how pointless he thought it was (essentially). Now, I'm a special features whore as far as DVDs go, but I find my self in agreeance with him.
The DVDs that have been "3-disc'd" as far as I know are Hot Fuzz, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Incredible Hulk, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, WALL-E, and two or three others. Special effects behemoths like Hellboy, WALL-E and Hulk deserve this sort of thing, but do we really need so many special features on Forgetting Sarah Marshall? What could be so great about the production of the movie that warrants 3 whole discs? I don't get it.
Also, did you know that having an apostrophe after CD's is grammatically correct, while having an apostrophe after DVDs isn't? I know the apostrophe is used to discern the letters and such, but you'd think the rule would be the same for both, no?

Ferro Rocher
I LOVE Ferro Rocher chocolates. More than anything. More than Toblerone, even. These creamy, hazelnut-filled, hazelnut-coated treats are fucking delicious. At one point in time, I thought I had developed an allergy to hazelnuts after a bad experience with some Nutella making my throat close up, but I guess that wasn't the culprit. But when I thought it was, I was devastated. These candies are fucking amazing. Get some, especially since candy is so low-priced at the moment. I picked up a 12-pack for $2.50 the other day, compared to the usual $5 price tag. I love economic disasters.
I really, really wonder how they get hazelnuts over every square millimeter of the ball, without having a flattened bottom. I imagine they use some sort of rotating wheel apparatus, with lots of chopped hazelnuts. Probably, since that's how they coat gummi worms in sour stuff.

Who would win in a fight?
Yesterday at work, a few associates and I were making up hypothetical fights between fictional characters. A couple of the matches are as followed (with our consensus in bold):

Batman VS. Wolverine
James Bond VS. John McClain
Dumbledore VS. Gandalf (It was a tie. I think Dumbledore, but I hate LOTR.)

There were about 30 more, but these are the best.
One of the managers, Ryan, then pointed out that Batman could beat anyone, as long as he knew they were coming, and had time to prepare. If they snuck up on him however, it would all depend on the person he was fighting, and what he happened to have in his utility belt that day. If you think about it, EVERYONE has a weakness. He just happens to be creative in his methods of finding it.
You can say it, we are nerds. But proud nerds.

It seems like everywhere I've been looking over the last few days, unintelligence reigns supreme. For instance, I drove by a dentist's office yesterday that is famously closed on Fridays (and says so on the front door), only to see a twentysomething guy standing out front with his shirt pulled up to his mouth, probably attempting to stop his teeth or gums from bleeding. He then proceeded to call what I can only assume to be the very dentist's office he was standing in front of.
Shit like this makes me so sad.

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