Wednesday, November 19, 2008


On a semi-regular basis, my friends and I come up with words that we believe should be added to the dictionary (or at the very least, Urban Dictionary). One of these words is fuckle. A few weeks ago, Vance said that "fuckle" is the funniest word ever concieved, and just saying or typing it can put you in a fit of laughter. I completely second this sentiment, and am cheered up instantly whenever I hear it.
Though it already has a page on Urban Dictionary, our definition fits the word better, having nothing to do with fucking and cuddling. No, a fuckle to Vance and I is this:

fuckle (adj) -
1. A terrible situation brought on by sexual exploits.
2. When a situation is made worse by sexual misconduct.

"Jim found himself in quite the fuckle after his girlfriend walked in on him having sex with her mother."
"Frank fuckled himself over when he slapped Betty's ass at work on Wednesday."

See? Fuckle can be used in many situations. But always remember that the "horrible situation" HAS to be sexual in nature, even if only slightly.
I hope you all will start using this word regularly.

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