Friday, December 12, 2008

Evil Dead: Part 2 of 4: The second movie

Click here for part one, the post on the first movie.
Premise (click here for the IMDb page)
The second part of the Evil Dead trilogy (released in 1987) follows protagonist Ash as he continues to fight demons in an abandoned cabin in North Carolina.
After chopping up his girlfriend Linda, Ash embarks on a two-day slaughterfest that includes re-killing all of his friends, killing a new batch of people, and cutting off his own hand.
While some people believe this is a remake of the original, the truth is that director Sam Raimi switched production companies and couldn't get the rights to show a montage of scenes from the first movie to refresh peoples' memories. So he did the next best thing, and re-shot a super-condensed version of the first movie for the beginning of this one.

Most of the film was shot in the gym of JR Faison Junior High School in Wadesboro, North Carolina, and the rest was shot on the same farm that Steven Spielberg used for The Color Purple. The not-so-modest $3.6 million budget was almost ten times as much as it was for the first movie, leaving Raimi and co. to make an ultimately better movie (at least, that's what most people believe).
It was released unrated, which is the equivalent of NC-17. Raimi tried to get an R rating, but failed. He cut scenes out (such as a more brutal version of the "tree rape" scene from the first film), made demon blood green and black, and cut back on the swearing, but the MPAA didn't budge. It has made almost $6 million to date.

Fun facts (found on Wikipedia and IMDb)
-There was a rat in the cellar of the farmhouse they were shooting in, and Raimi allegedly named it "SeƱor Cojones."
-Ted Raimi (Sam's brother) played Henrietta, the original archeologist's demon-possessed wife. Ted and Sam both claim that Ted was sweating so much under the latex suit he wore that they would literally fill Dixie cups with his sweat. This can be seen when Annie is spinning over Henrietta's head, dripping out of the ear.
-There are a few times when Raimi switched the film negative (making everything opposite), such as the "famously flipped" scene where Ash walks across the room holding a chainsaw in the hand he cut off less than 30 minutes previously.
-In A Nightmare on Elm Street, the original Evil Dead can be seen playing on a TV, along with a poster in one of the character's bedrooms. It was directed by Raimi's friend Wes Craven, and Raimi "got him back" by putting one of Freddy Kreuger's gloves in the toolshed where Ash gets his chainsaw.
-When Ash puts a pile of books on top of his severed hand, the top book reads A Farewell to Arms.
-The scene where everything in the house is laughing was originally just a joke during the making of the movie, in which a production assistant picked up a lamp and made it laugh manically.
-Raimi and Campbell made up a rumor that Campbell's famous jaw was broken during the filming of the scene where a demon chases Ash around the house (shot in first person view from the demon's perspective). This never happened, but it was widely believed for quite some time.
-At the very end of the movie, when Ash is transported back in time, both Ted and Sam are knights that talk to him.

Expect the third and fourth ones to be done before the end of January.

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