Monday, June 30, 2008

Bizarro by Dan Piraro

Dan Piraro has been illustrating newspaper comics for quite a while now (since 1985, according to Wikipedia), and he has been one of my favorites since before I could understand the society-jabbing humor of the strips (I just enjoyed looking for his symbols). In fact, he lived in the area around Dallas, Texas, about 45 minutes away from where I used to live (Frisco, Texas). I have a vivid memory of him either writing for or being profiled in one of those free local magazines you'd pick up at small coffee shops. I can't remember what it was about though. I guess it wasn't all that vivid. Hmm. I really want to find out what the hell I'm talking about.
He draws single-panel comics, which, as I'm sure you can imagine, are a shit-ton harder to draw than regular comics. Not to go on a rant or anything, but it is harder to convey comedy (especially good comedy) in one drawing rather than the standard three to four, like most do.
Anyways, like the name of the comic implies, it is essentially off-beat humor that makes fun of modern society. That's the second time I've used "society" in a description of this comic, and it bugs me a little bit. Oh well.
Here are two examples of his strips:

Piraro's blog can be seen here:
He updates regularly with his strips and stories from his daily life. He's a vegan (and apparently became one in 2002-thanks again, Wiki), so all of you KFC-lovers out there, fuck off.
Oh, and Dan, if you happen to read this, thanks for doing what you do. I hope you don't mind me stealing those two comics, and your maniacal blog-posting method. Let me know, y'hear?

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